Lou Berney

"When people say they want to read a really good novel, the kind you can't put down,
this is the kind of book they mean. Exceptional." – Stephen King

Dark Ride


Hardy “Hardly” Reed—21, good-natured, usually stoned—is drifting through life. When he encounters two children who are being physically abused, he's stirred to action for the first time in his life. He'll have to become smarter and more capable than he's ever been, though, if he wants to save the kids—and himself.

Finalist for the L.A. Times Book Prize, and the Barry, Macavity, and Oklahoma Book awards.

“Lou Berney's artistry as a writer hits you in the heart and tugs hard at your soul." – Don Winslow, on November Road


Set against the assassination of JFK, a poignant and evocative crime novel that centers on a desperate chase across 1960s America—a story of unexpected connections, daring possibilities, and the hope of second chances.

Winner of the Hammett, Steel Dagger, Barry, Macavity, and Anthony awards. Named a best book of the year by the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Newsweek, LitHub, and others.

“Perfectly captures these few weeks at the end of 1963—all that was lost and all that lay tantalizingly and inevitably just beyond the horizon.” – Kirkus (starred review)


A smart, fiercely compassionate crime story that explores the mysteries of memory and the impact of violence on survivors—and the lengths they will go to find the painful truth of the events that scarred their lives.

Winner of the Edgar, Anthony, Barry, Macavity, and ALA awards. Nominated for the Los Angeles Times Book Award.

“A dark, quintessentially cool noir novel that is both deeply poignant, and very funny
. . . as hip, hilarious, and entertaining as it is wrenching, beautiful, and ultimately redemptive.”
Huffington Post


Shake Bouchon returns in this twisting tale filled with lawmen, con men, and hit men; a beautiful but deadly FBI agent; and a murderous thug named Baby Jesus.

Nominated for the Edgar and Anthony awards.

“Berney takes his rightful place as heir to Elmore Leonard with this witty and nimble comedic thriller” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)


Professional wheel man Charles "Shake" Bouchon is supposed to deliver a package to Vegas strip-club owner Dick "the Whale" Moby. When the "package" turns out to be Gina, a wholesome young housewife, Shake decides to set her free—a move as noble as it is boneheaded.

“Virtually every character is memorable, and the chemistry between Shake and Gina is brilliant. The plot turns are constant, and the dialogue is sharp. The bad guys are wonderfully scary, and the locales are vividly drawn.” – Booklist (starred review)